Disclosure of Information

The Collaborative Law Participation Agreement requires full and voluntary disclosure of whatever information is needed or requested by a party to make a proper evaluation of the case and develop settlement options.
• Unless agreed to otherwise, no formal discovery. The parties voluntarily disclose all necessary information, including but not limited to, information regarding income, assets, liabilities, separate property of either party, information regarding a business entity, financials, etc.
• Lawyers must fully disclose all information which in the lawyer’s judgment must be provided. If a lawyer knows that his/her client is violating the rules regarding disclosure in a manner that will compromise the integrity of the process, the lawyer is required to terminate the Collaborative process.
• Unless agreed to by the full team otherwise, both parties execute a sworn inventory and appraisement (a detailed list of the parties’ assets and liabilities) and exchange supporting documents.


Posted April 13, 2012 by Brenda Thompson at Free To Be Therapy

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