The Collaborative Process

The Process
The Collaborative process is a highly structured process that focuses on the goals and interests of the clients in reaching a final resolution.

The Road Map to Resolution:

1)Understanding and Agreeing to the Process
a.Reviewing and signing the Collaborative Agreement
b.Reviewing and agreeing to Ground Rules
c.Discussing and setting up additional protocols or ground rules

2)Discussing Interests and Goals of the Parties

3)Dealing with Interim Issues
a.Temporary Parenting Issues
i.Parenting Time
ii.Parental responsibilities
b.Temporary Financial Issues
i.Cash Flow (expenses and income)
ii.Maintaining the Status Quo
c.Temporary Housing Issues
d.Temporary Use of Personal Property, Furnishing, etc.

4)Gathering Information
a.Deciding what information is needed
b.Assign information gatherer(s)
c.Reviewed shared information
d.Work through differences

5)Creatively Problem-Solve

a.Identify Issues
b.Brainstorm options
c.Evaluation outcomes of each option

6)Negotiate Agreement
a.Compare expected outcomes of each option to parties’ stated goals
b.Eliminate options that have outcomes that do not sufficiently meet important goals of either party
c.Narrow the options to those that meet the most important goals of both parties
d.Jointly determine the option that most closely meets the most important goals of both parties

7)Finalize Agreement

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Posted April 13, 2012 by Brenda Thompson at Free To Be Therapy

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